DTH is a collective music venture formed in Moscow by a group of people from all the corners of Russia and the world who set themselves the task to build from the ground up a world class / modern thinking music space that can contribute to the construction of a world class music scene in the Russian Capital .

After years of effort, hard work, DIY constructions, sleepless nights, visions of the future and the arrivals of new friends, DTH has established istelf as a growing force within the rich and complex contemporary sound / music scene in Moscow.

As of February 2017, DTH studios together with its partner company Baza UYUT are running a musical complex that consists of four rehearsal rooms and three recording studios. We have over 30 amps and cabinets, a wide range of guitars, bases and drum kits and many kilometers of experience in both live and recording environments. More than 100 bands from all generes frequent our spaces, musicians of all mindests and generes join us day by day during our work.

We also venture "outside the office" as a special rentals company, live engineers, backline techs and our live experience spans from top mainstream pop/rock acts, to emerging hip hop, rock, jazz, electronic, fusion, metal, experimental, grindcore, mathcore, synthpop, folk and everything else we love.

Hundreds of records, festivals, concerts, actions, performances and celebrations have emerged since this movement started and our vision is to connect as many points as we can to contribute our share to the construction of Moscow's music scene.


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